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Baby Sumos available on the iPhone app store, is a cute and crazy take on the widely popular traditional Japanese sport of sumo wrestling. Choose from a wide range of cute and cuddly Baby characters and fight your way around the world through to the ultimate sumo wrestling glory.

Developed by Gaurav Jalui and Mantena Raviteja. Music by Joe Reeve.

What’s That Drawing? available on the iPhone and iPad app store, will keep you guessing with awesome crayon drawings of celebrities, movies, logos and more that you reveal when you scratch the screen. There are hundreds of drawings to decipher! You can play solo, or ask your friends to help you as you go.

Developed by Gaurav Jalui

Bloke or Lass available on the iPhone app store, lets you play as your drunk friend Arnie and help him win his bet with the bartender and earn a few Quids by correctly guessing if you see a Bloke (Gentleman) or a Lass (Lady). Sounds easy doesn’t it but things aren't always what they seem. There are hundreds to decipher!

Developed by Gaurav Jalui